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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Eye Exams in Greensboro & High Point, NC

Woman Having an Eye ExamYou owe it to yourself to regularly schedule eye examinations. Your eye doctor can identify potentially serious issues early on, and prescribe effective treatment. Many patients find that their vision can be significantly improved with the right prescription lenses, alleviating blurriness, difficulty focusing and eye strain. At Digby Eye Associates, you’ll receive our full attention along with tailored treatments that take your overall health and lifestyle into account.

What tests are performed?

We have the equipment and know-how to diagnose any ophthalmological issue. Even patients with 20/20 vision can benefit from our comprehensive eye examinations, as there are diseases that may not manifest noticeable symptoms in early stages.

Our tests include:

  • Visual acuity or refraction test – determines nearsightedness, farsightedness or the extent of astigmatism.
  • Muscle function text – identifies eye muscle weakness through deficiencies in movement.
  • Binocular vision test – determines if your eyes work together properly as a pair well enough for optimal depth perception.
  • Visual field test – measures the strength of peripheral vision. May be used to detect eye disease or neurological disorders.
  • Eye pressure test – checks for high intraocular pressure, which may be a sign of glaucoma.
  • Color vision screening – checks color perception.
  • Eye health assessment – uses a slit-lamp microscope to evaluate pupil response, optic nerve, retina, cornea, and lens.

A wide selection of glasses to choose from

Customers will often choose to follow up on their eye examination with the purchase of one or several pairs of prescription glasses or contact lenses. We offer a great selection at fantastic prices so that each customer can find exactly what they want. You will have the choice between high-quality ophthalmological lenses such as Varilux S, hi-index, polycarbonate, transitions and more. We also have a wide range of styles and fits to choose from top brands, allowing you to tailor your vision solution exactly to your tastes and lifestyle.

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