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Dry Eye Syndrome is a common chronic condition that affects millions of Americans. A sandy, gritty felling in the eyes, burning, redness, light sensitivity, blurred vision and even excessive tearing can persist each day, and become worse if left untreated. This condition makes use of contact lenses quite uncomfortable, and is the number-one reason people quit using otherwise beneficial lenses.
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What causes dry eyes?

There are numerous external factors that can contribute to chronic dry eyes. Continuous exposure to sunny, dry or windy weather, heaters, air conditioners, fans, arid high altitudes including plane travel can increase the rate of evaporation of tears from the surface of your eyes. Working at a computer and staring at a screen for hours at a time can also exacerbate symptoms.

Dry eye syndrome can also be caused by biological issues. We produce fewer tears as we age, producing only 40% of the lubricating tears we produced as teenagers by age 65. Additionally, hormonal changes (especially in women can effect the tear film. Diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disease and even allergy medications can lead to dry eye and ocular discomfort as well.

Treatment options

We advise caution navigating the glut of over-the-counter artificial tears and ointments that may do more harm than good. We offer prescription eye drops and several non prescription that are tailored to your tear film. Many of these products are available at our office.  Please speak to your doctor about one of the following treatment options:
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